Africa Femmes Performantes -African Women of Excellence Projects

Africa Femmes Performantes -African  Women of Excellence Projects

Belle Femme Cosmetics

Belle Femme Performante Cosmetics



Among our projects, we have created “Belle Femme Performante” Cosmetics line. A wonderful and important brand that represent quality in skin and hair care with authentic Argan oil and shea Butter. Natural, organic wonderful products. A combination of Argan Oil & Raw Shea Butter made with love for our beloved members and customers. Pioneering fair trade through Community Commerce within our network.

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50% of “Belle Femme Performante” Community Commerce and Network sales go to women-led businesses, to support our Global Organization AFRICA FEMMES PERFORMANTES. We founded Community Commerce to support our vision and to empower women and help them increase their businesses. Our products are manufactured by a Morocco’s leading personal care experts for over 40 years with exports reaching over 55 countries across all continents.


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visit us and enjoy the quality of our products 100% organic!